Monthly Archives: January 2012


The brightest color in the entire world
Is not pink, nor white, nor silver
It’s a shade of blue

A blue so bright no man can see
Only those so immersed in love can see
It’s in the smile of a baby
In the whites of a wedding gown

This shade of blue
So bold, so fragile
Breaks not by the touch of man

This blue, the hidden blue
An ever-present hue

In lives in me, it lives in you
It is our soul, caught in glimpses
It is our heart…
Shines the shine of ages

Our envy, our hate
Breaks this blue
Breaks our life
And seals our fate

Friends and family
Loves and loss
Beats through blue
And shines all the more

A feeble poem
A passing glance
A hopeful blue
Begins to dance

And now you find
Not him, nor her
Is not your love
It’s blue you adore

It lives in you, it lives in me
It is ourselves, caught in glimpses
You shine it out
And someone catches

The Need

The cool water chills me. Tonight is not a good night for a dip, but that’s half the fun. I take off my sweater and sweats, the guise that lets my parents think I’m going out for a jog, and stops the concerned looks of neighbours if they saw me out running in swimwear. I put my school-branded clothing onto a nearby bench; any-one out this late wouldn’t have the eyes to see them anyway.

The tide goes in, I stare at it. It’s cold, murky eyes stare back. The tide goes out; I shut out everything and let the water take me into its endless abyss. I jump, dive into the water. I take a long swim out until the need for breath consumes me. I raise myself up, treading my feet, tip-toeing the bottom of this monster. I look at the shore, a longer ways away than last time. I find a shallow part a gain my footing. I smile and dip my head into the water, breathing out as if I was talking to it.

A sound

My head jerks up; I almost choke on the salty ale. I cough and am better. I look at the clouds.

A storm is coming.

But I swear I heard a sound. A swish. Or something. It’s louder now this time. As if it was getting closer, I hear a gasp. No, a breath. Not mine, deeper, shorter. Menacing, if that makes sense.

With my better judgement, I decide to go back home. I jump, dive again. I take longer strokes, faster kicks. The need consumes. Before I go up I see a leg, I decide to go faster, take a breath when I get to shore.

The arm slices through the water.

Grabs my head, my hair. I try to get away quickly but I can’t. The strength is too much, I’m weightless underwater.

The need consumes.

I struggle. Twist and contort. I flip. Face upwards. I can’t make out anything. It’s all a blur. I stare. It’s cold, murky eyes stare back. I use my feet to kick the sand, but it flows. Like mud.

The need consumes.

Takes my shoulder now. Takes it to keep me down. It gains its footing. It’s on top of me now. My back is met with sand. We’re close to shore. But the weight is fully on me. Nowhere to move. Breath.

The need consumes.

I can’t fight much longer. Need air. Need feeling. Hand cold. The cool water chills me. Must be getting darker. Colder. Takes its head, dunks itself under the water. Lifts me.

So close. So…close. The need consumes.

Kisses me. On the cheek. Head tilts back. Lungs buckle. Can’t let water in. Can’t stop. Hear my heart. Focus. Focus

…but. That need, the need…