The brightest color in the entire world
Is not pink, nor white, nor silver
It’s a shade of blue

A blue so bright no man can see
Only those so immersed in love can see
It’s in the smile of a baby
In the whites of a wedding gown

This shade of blue
So bold, so fragile
Breaks not by the touch of man

This blue, the hidden blue
An ever-present hue

In lives in me, it lives in you
It is our soul, caught in glimpses
It is our heart…
Shines the shine of ages

Our envy, our hate
Breaks this blue
Breaks our life
And seals our fate

Friends and family
Loves and loss
Beats through blue
And shines all the more

A feeble poem
A passing glance
A hopeful blue
Begins to dance

And now you find
Not him, nor her
Is not your love
It’s blue you adore

It lives in you, it lives in me
It is ourselves, caught in glimpses
You shine it out
And someone catches


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