Monthly Archives: March 2013

Redemption Song

The hands that hold the world
They are breaking
And no-one can see the progress
We are making
Towards a final Renaissance
There’s no mistaking
And the silence that will fall
Brings forth shaking
And all the possession that were ours
For the taking
Inside Messiah’s heart
There is aching

For the world that we planted
It was shattered
As we bought and climbed a
Corporate ladder
Do we even feel regret
Doesn’t matter
Redemption bells won’t ring
Clang or clatter
Are we so small in the universe
We’re only batter
A simple mix of cells and jell
Our world’s in tatters

And if I knew the answer now
I’d be elated
Bought and sold and bought
My soul is fated
To a righteous flame of hell
By a simple demon god

For the hand that held the world
They were breaking
And no-one saw the progress
We were making