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#6 Waiting For My Child

Monday December 30, 2013 8:00 am

Two Pairs of feet, one in finely tailored dress pants and shiny black dress shoes. The other pair of feet are barefoot, the bottoms of blue hospital scrubs are seen. Slowly panning up, a cane is shown next to the barefooted man. The man in hospital pants is not wearing a shirt, his upper torso wrapped in gauze. The other man is wearing an exquisite suit, his eyes sparkle from underneath his horn-rimmed glasses. In the hands of the bespectacled man is a thin duotang. Joshua Rapture barely holds himself up, being mere hours since he left the Battlebowl cage. On Joshua’s arm hangs a hospital wristband.

Bespectacled Man: Due to the unfortunate consequences of Battlebowl, the doctors have advised Mr. Rapture not to speak for a few days. I will speak on his behalf and on behalf of The New Dawn for the time being.

The Man in the horn-rimmed glasses opens the duotang and clears his throat. Zooming out a bit, it is made clear that they are in the foyer of New Horizons Fitness Centre.

Bespectacled Man: Mr. Joshua Rapture, would first like to thank New Alberta Professional Wrestling for the opportunity given to him at Battlebowl. We at The New Dawn hereby waive any liability to “NAPW” for the injuries sustained to Mr. Rapture during this contest and shall not seek any claims for the damages, Medical or otherwise.

Joshua whispers something in the other man’s ear, the man nods in agreement.

Bespectacled Man: Secondly, we have been informed that Mr. Rapture has been signed for a one-on-one contest with the man with the codename: Xristus. Mr. Rapture gladly accepts this offer and states his intent to defeat Xristus and continue on his mission up the ranks of NAPW. We here at The New Dawn consider Mr. Rapture a top contender for the NAPW Championship.

On the subject of Battlebowl and its eventual winner Ms. Abigail Graves, we extend our warmest congratulations. It is no secret that Miss Graves has captured the hearts of the NAPW audience, it is her love for this sport that Mr. Rapture admires. In fact, Mr. Rapture find himself and Miss Graves similar in this area. We however, can not abide the extensive cursing and insults that she has hurled at Mr. Rapture and other members of the NAPW roster. We sincerely hope the NAPW take our suggestion to provide a “swear jar” to Miss Graves to heart.

In the past, Miss Graves has stated that Mr. Rapture is quote, “A second-rate boxer turned second-rate wrestler”. Mr. Rapture considers this very insulting. Mr. Rapture’s boxing exploits as a top-rate boxer have been renown worldwide, so Miss Graves’ statement simply falls flat. Secondly, Mr. Rapture expressed his attitude that his performance at Coronation and Battlebowl proceed to outline the makings of a very astute Sports Entertainer, despite both contests being losses. Mr. Rapture hopes that his performance against Miss Graves has swayed her opinions on him and would welcome another contest between the two.

Thank you for your time, now if you excuse us we have an important business meeting to prepare for.



Friday January 10, 2014 5:00pm

We are in a lowly lit room, filled with sparsely scattered candles. In the middle of the room is a large massage table. There is a figure on the table, but is too dark to make out much else. The figure clears his throat, his voice quite gravely. Here lies Joshua Rapture.

Rapture: December Twenty-Ninth. Two-Thousand and Thirteen. A host of fanatics fill Edmonton’s Exposition Center. Several employees of New Alberta Professional Wrestling wrench together a hellish design. Inside this design, six competitors fight. Inside this design, hope is not an option.

My name is Joshua Rapture, I am the Leader of The New Dawn. But you already knew that. You people, you seem to know so much about me. You know nothing. The so-called “fans” of NAPW, I am losing my patience with them.

How dare they boo me, Andellion. When they know so little about Honour. So little about respect.

Andellion Moonwater. Andy. Let me ask you a personal question about these people in the bleachers. Do they really deserve men like us? Do they deserve the presence of Kings?

You see Moonwater, I’m trying so hard. SO HARD. To be The Light. I’m trying so hard to bring the pigs out of the muck, but I cannot do it by myself Andellion. They choose fire Moonwater, they choose violence. And what am I but a snake to them?

Two women of The New Dawn come to the side of Joshua. One wraps around a towel at his waist and the other gives him his cane to walk with. He slowly limps into the light and his chest is bare, all up the one arm is pink scratches, deep red stitches on the one shoulder and some light pink scarring on his pectorals. On the injuries, LEECHES have been placed.

Rapture: I had a vision. I had a vision of NAPW, shining and golden. I had a vision of myself holding the NAPW championship high about my head. But YOU took that away from me, Moonwater. You took it away and made me into what I am. You MADE me do it, Moonwater, because you make me crazy. Because I love too much. Because I love you.

I want the best for you Andellion, I want the best for Crystalwood. NAPW, it’s no place for you. You cannot prove yourself here, you cannot have Honour here. These people loath Honour, take it from me. All I give is LOVE, and they spit in my face. What can I do? Whan can I do but sink to their level? These people have warped me and made me a monster. So be it Moonwater, if they want a monster, I’ll be their monster. Being Merciful has no benefit to me anymore.

You defeated me once, but it was a hollow victory. Then you were left in a pool of blood at Battlebowl. Is that how you prove yourself as King? Listen to me, listen to Uncle Joshua. Take your Pride and prove yourself somewhere else. Because you CAN fight, and you CAN defeat me…. But you cannot defeat the Rising Sun. And I will guide NAPW towards the Holy Light, even if I have to drag the people kicking and screaming.


Sunday January 19, 2014 10:30am

Inside a small chapel, Joshua Rapture slinks behind a podium underneath the arch. On the side of the podium leans his trusted cane. He is wearing a finely pressed suit without an undershirt, under his suit jacket fresh gauze has been wrapped on his one shoulder. When he speak, his voice has a light scratch to it.

Rapture: My children! My members of The New Dawn. The day is coming when I face the six-foot-eight two-hundred-and-eighty-five pound man with the Codename: Xristus. I stand before you two-hundred-and-fifteen pounds, not taller than six-foot-four. I am outmatched in power and outmatched possibly in speed. I stand like David outside the mouth of a cave, waiting for Goliath.

Yet, I do not throw stones like David. No, I throw strike with surgical precision. My body is torn following the insanity of Battlebowl, my mind spinning ever since. Because you see, Xristus has come to NAPW with a mission to rectify evils and injustices. He comes to us a strange wanderer with his hand out asking for a loaf of bread, but how can we trust this man to do what he says he is here for?

Children, my mission is simple. I have come here to cleanse the filth in pro-wrestling, to get rid of the liars and subnormals. I have come to bring morals back to an immoral world. I want justice and I want the glory of The Lord to spread across every corner of the world. Quite simply, I am Xristus!

I am Xristus when the World Council of Churches allows me into their organization. I am Xristus when I am running ahead at full steam, ready to strike an opponent. I am Xristus when I raise my enemies up and force them to submit to my will!

Should I be admonished that I had to convince an old Pastor to allow me entrance to the World Council of Churches? Should I be jeered for using my might and my knowledge to do everything in my power to defeat mutants like Andellion Moonwater? What makes Xristus and I so different?

Xristus,I have done everything just to get to know you better. I have strongarmed Priests, I have approached Snakes. I begged and pleaded with Terry Brandon, just to get videotapes of your previous matches. But there is so little on you, Xristus. Why is that? What really happened to your parents? What happened to the family that raised you? Why is it that everyone who gets close to you end up in the Obituaries??

I’ve been turned away by biblical scholars when I say the phrase “Missio Dio”, that I’ve begun to believe that these are just ravings of a poor orphan boy who grew up in California with no-one but his own mind to keep him company. It has dawned on me who and what you really are, Xristus. You’re a lost soul, and you’re looking for a home. You are still a little boy who was thrown away to the mean streets of a broken world. What you are, is a big fish in a too small pond.

Let me help you Xristus, let me show you the way to defeat the evils of men. Come, Xristus, join me in The New Dawn. Together we can spread the good word. Together, you’ll have a home. Of course the rebuilding process must come first. Yes Xristus first I must break you down. First I must make you submit. I have to Xristus, you have grown to attached to your own ravings, you rely too heavily on the admiration of the crowd. But I shall tear down your soul, and rebuild ut anew. I shall hold you up as a shining example of a perfect soldier in the name of The New Dawn.

Fear not Xristus, for the pain is only temporary.

Come with us Xristus. Find your place in this world. Come HOME.

A woman comes on stage and hands Joshua a guitar. He smiles, and sings.

Rapture: I was talking to a lady a few days ago
And these are the words she said…

The New Dawn joins in….

Fade to black…



#5 Silver Future

DECEMBER 29, 2013 12:59pm

A Fire Exit sign buzzes into focus, in the dark the Fire Exit door opens as a cloaked man rushes by and turns the corner into the parking lot of Edmonton Expo Center. As we turn the corner a large rush of sound can be heard as a huge crowd exits the Main doors, let by the winner of Battlebowl: Abbey Graves. The crowd still buzzing, starts to chant, “AB-BEY, AB-BEY, AB-BEY“. The young Miss Graves is all smiles, but has one hand holding her midsection quite tenderly. All the while, the cloaked man watches on. A SUV with her entourage pulls up to send Abbey on her way , a chorus of groans comes from the crowd. Abbey quells the crowd down by taking a shining object of her middle finger and hold it high over her head, stepping into the car..

Abbey Graves: WE FUCKING DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd goes “Banana” for this. A dark van pulls up to the cloaked figure, far from the eyes of the Battlebowl after party. The front passenger door opens as a man with dark hair wearing horn-rimmed glasses smiles at the cloaked figure. His polo shirt reads “New Horizon’s Fitness Center

Bespectacled Man: We have a proposition for you.

The cloaked figure says nothing. The man in the horn-rimmed glasses opens the dashboard and takes out a plain yellow manila envelope, it is quite thick.

Bespectacled Man: We will reward you quite handsomely for your co-operation.

The cloaked figure says nothing. The passenger side-door slides open. Inside is the bloody remains of Joshua Rapture. One woman wipes away at his bare chest and arm with an already quite bloody rag, dressing the wounds as she goes. Another woman (presumably the one who opened the door) goes to work at Joshua’s black tights with a pair of scissors, shredding them. Joshua’s teeth are gritted and he is visibly shaking, he barely forces half a smile.

Joshua: T-tell me everything. Ev-EV-everything you k-know about k-k-XRISTUS!

The cloaked figure starts to HISSssssssss………


JANUARY 02, 2014 11:45am

The dark-haired man with horned rim glasses is at a desk shaking hands with an older white-haired man with a clerical collar. Members of their respective faith.

Pastor: Thank you for showing me around this wonderful facility, its unfortunate that I didn’t get to see.. Mr. Rapture, is that correct?

Bespectacled Man: Yes! Quite an ironic name I suppose, unfortunately he is currently… indisposed.

Pastor: Ah, well as you may be well aware of this, “The New Dawn” seems a bit too… erratic to be included in the World Council of Churches.

Bespectacled Man: Think nothing of it!

The horned-rim glasses man extends his hand and the Pastor begrudgingly accepts it. The two men shake hands once again as the Pastor heads for the door.

Bespectacled Man: Oh! Before you go, I just remembered that we are quite good friend with one of your missionaries.

The Pastor turns.

Pastor: Oh? Who?

Bespectacled Man: Xristus.

The Pastor’s eyes widen, he frowns.

Pastor: I’m afraid I don’t know recognize that name.

The man with the horned rim glasses takes out a briefcase and unlatches it, facing the Pastor. A golden glow emerges from within the briefcase, washing the Pastor’s face with light. He doesn’t look impressed.

Bespectacled Man: But we believe that you do. And we can be very convincing when we want to be.

Pastor: You’re going to try to bribe me? A member of the cloth? I’m afraid that won’t work.

A figure emerges from a side door. Joshua Rapture is shirtless, his torso covered by a shoulder wrap. Though he is wearing finely tailored dress pants & shoes, he hold a cane in his non-injured arm. He slowly walks toward the desk, sturdying himself on the cane.

Joshua: I agree…. ACHHOOO!

The Pastor looks startled by the sneeze, among other things. Two women appear behind him, blocking the doorway.

Bespectacled Man: Have you ever tried Yoga? It will change your life. I promise.

The man in the horned-rim glasses smiles wide. Joshua Rapture is all frowns though, he slowly makes his way right up to the 
Pastor. Nose-to-nose.

Pastor: Wha- Why are you doing this??

Joshua: You didn’t say “God Bless You” when I sneezed….

Joshua smiles. Fade…

Abbey Graves & Ouja The Serpent King were used with permission.

#4 Astronaut

A line of trees you can see movement in them. The camera zooms in a bit and you can see more of a pack of Antlerless Elk. In a whisper, Joshua speaks.

Rapture: I do this in the name of The New Dawn.

He releases the arrow…

It hisses through the air and strikes the elk broadside, the other elk run in a panic with the rest of The New Dawn hooting and hollering after them. Shots are fired, but seem far off. Joshua Rapture walks up to his fallen deer, both whistling, the deer’s lung collapsed. Joshua starts to sing the opening of Death’s Got a Warrant by Patty Griffin.

Rapture: You can’t hide. You can’t Hiiide. No, you can’t hide, because you don’t know hoooowww.

He takes out a hunting knife from one of his many pockets…. 

Cut to a close up of Joshua Rapture‘s face. His eyes closed, breathing heavily, almost humming. His eyes open and for a brief second we see a hideous creature with an offset nose and snarling canines, but is quickly hidden by that signature Used-Car Salesman smile.

Rapture:  Do you still believe in God? Said the preacher to the astronaut… I heard it was lonesome up there, with nothing to talk to but the cold, cold air. Hahaha…. Alright lets take a five-minute break.

Joshua starts chuckling to himself as the camera zooms out. We are in a small room in the back of The New Horizons Fitness center, it is lowly lit by a single Chinese Paper Lantern. Rapture is in the forefront barely covering himself with an open front elk-fur coat, nothing else. Behind him, followers of The New Dawn, wearing their New Horizons polo shirts & work-out shorts. They are all sitting cross-legged on the floor, forming a “V” with Rapture in the front. They all heave a sigh of release, Rapture stretches his arms out wide and his back muscles pop.

Rapture: Ah Yoga, to become one with Divinity. But I think I have been MIS-IN-TER-PRE-TED. I have never claimed to be Devine, I only happen to have knowledge no-one else possesses. I am being heard, but no-one seems to be listening to the right WORDSsss

These people who I have surrounded myself with are not mindless sheep, no. They have been listening to the right songs, they have seen The Light for themselves.

They CHOOSE to follow, just as I choose to follow my Lord. Yes, they call me Leader, but they also call me brother. Nobody else wants to step into my shoes, and feel my burden. The weight I carry, when I put another man’ soul on the scales and deem it worthy or not. I am the Martyr of this story, I know the pain is coming. I know it will come swift, but I am ready.

They say I have spiders in my head, but they haven’t seen the truth of the world. Am I that off kilter, really? I mean MasakrePetrov and Moonwater? The freaks are running rampant in NAPW and I’m the only one who seems to be able to hold down sturdy employment outside of Professional Wrestling.

I keep my Faith in my heart and follow it relentlessly, because this is not just another bumper sticker, this is a Movement. The New Dawn is an experience, it flows through us like electric impulses flow through our own bodies. I’m the only one with foresight, I know how this all plays out. It’s inevitable.

Rapture’s eyes roll to the back of his head

RaptureAnd we are living in dark days…

His eyes flutter, and he’s back to grinning.

Rapture: But I can help you all, if you let me…. Now close your eyes… Breathe in through your nose and exhale from the deepest part of your lungs. Make every breath count, count every breath and drift from out of your body. Let The Light guide. 

Rapture closes his eyes and starts meditating, the rest of The New Dawn follow suit.

Rapture: Float over your body, and move further up, up into the sky. Float onward and look South at the ever-fading Earth. You can almost see New York and New Alberta intertwine, the ants hustling and towards some ineffable nothing. The guidos and jersey girls dancing like marionettes in the twilight. Take yourself away from the humdrum and drift further towards Luna.

Luna, the beautiful maiden. The Grave nightmare queen. Oh to stare into the void and see a friendly face, and to look into her eyes, would make a fool of anyone. But she’s tough, and she’s feisty. The only one the people seem to care about, and here she is. Right in front of you. But I wouldn’t trust her eyes, because I’ve looked into her eyes and she’s all cold-hearted. She is the outcome of the hate and pain we’ve put into the world and her tongue MAY be daggers, yes, but her colors are black and dull. And her touch could save the world, but her kiss could burn it to the ground. She’s my Sister… fly further now.

Far now, Earth & Luna. A giant ball of gas, his name is Sol. And what is he but fire & hate? And what is he but another Mask we wear? Silent now, silent still. One day he will explode and destroy us all, but not this day. Today is Frapjous Day and he is The Jabberwocky. Snicker snack, snicker snack… fly further now.

And now you can see it: The Orion-Cygnus Arm, system upon systems flowing together like some sort of Chain. And what an interesting Chain, so full of promise, so adept and thriving. And what little barbs we have? What sharp teeth we have? So ready to struggle. Wait to you see my barbs and my teeth. And if the whole world is crashing down. Fall through space, out of mind again. Where the emptiness we leave behind on warm air rising. Lose all the shadows far away…

Joshua Rapture’s eyes flutter open again, very wide now. Looking disheveled, his grin stretches the corners of his mouth grotesquely.

RaptureThe surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean, the water seems inviting. From where we are, at least. And looking up at the horizon, maybe I’ve been too harsh on Moonwater. I’ve been too focused on the sinners and the freaks and the sickos, that the Princes get mixed up too. I should say not that I loathe you nor I will destroy everything that you stand for. Because it’s inevitable. Instead I should speak to the King that you will one day become. Think of your subjects Moonwater, they have free will but choose chaos at every chance. They stand on the brink of war, ready to plant the Crystalwood flag in the carcasses of their enemies. Is peace not a better way? It is not hate that I preach, but goodness and Light. I aim to unite these fans of NAPW, in JOY! Not fear. And who else to lead the masses but me? Though, the weak must first be culled.

Yes, the week must be culled, the sheep must be shorn. The hoard is only as good as its weakest link, Moonwater. But oh what a glorious day will it be when the one must fall for the good of many. Battlebowl, is not my chance for a belt or a ring or money, but for Glory. Glory to The Lord in the highest. The inevitable dusk is coming, the ice melts and flowers bloom underneath. Think of me then, a watcher of the world, a witness to the Rapture. Dark times await, but I can be the Light of HIS Holy Grace. Oh, what a day!

A new, more glorious Dawn awaits! Not a sunrise, but a Galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns, rising from the Milky Way. 

Merry Christmas.


#3 Advanced Falconry

An image of a Falcon appears on your television screen. It’s features sharp in contrast to the blanket of snow in the background covering what might be a farm field. The camera zooms out to reveal the Falcon perching on a barbed wire fence, it takes off. In slow motion the Falcon expands its wings, wider than the restrictions of your television screen. It’s claws expand as it dips into the white snow and rears up towards the sky again. His claws clenched now, holding a lump of brown with a tail, he soars away into the great unknown.

An abrupt cut later we are looking at Brown Calf-High Hunting Boots and Camouflaged Pants. There is a low murmur of voices in the background. A familiar voice speaks.

Man: Are we rolling?

The cameraman responds

Cameraman: Yep.

Man: Okay pan up, quiet in the back now.

The background silences, the cameraman pulls up and nothing is decipherable except a few shapes and colors. As the cameraman adjust the focus and zooms out a little the man speaks again.

Man: I want you all to know that I have lost before, and been lost too. I’ve been knocked out and broken more bones than I would care to mention. Yet I have found my place in this world along my brothers and sisters. I have found peace in the darkness and clawed myself towards The Light.

The picture sets. In the background there are five members of The New Dawn, but they are not clothed for a day at New Horizons Fitness Center, they are all dressed (3 men & 2 women) in the standard hunting winter camouflage garb fresh off the racks of their nearest Walmart. The two women are wearing bright neon orange vests, are equipped with shotguns and eyes are grazing the field they are in, searching for prey. The men look lost and cold and focus their attention on their leader Joshua Rapture.

Joshua Rapture stand front and center, smiling at the camera. Under his right eye is a green bruise, an unfortunate reminder of a stiff Lontra Kick. He has spent a small fortune on his own hunting gear, as shown by the alarming amount of pockets on his camouflage winter parka. On his back he carries a brown compound bow and a small quiver of arrows.

Rapture: There is the silence of the oceans and the unending silence of space. There is the welcome silence of serenity and the everlasting silence of death. A cry for help is lost in the shrill noise of the world, but the faintest of whispers can resonate across a universe.

The men nod in agreement.

Rapture: That, my friends, was a quote from The Outer Limits. But I agree with the sentiment. Because, you see, there is going to be quite a lot of talking going further. Quite a lot.

THEY. They will talk about their accomplishments. They will talk of championships. They will chat themselves blue trying to intimidate little old me. They will tell me I lost to an Otter and shove it in my face. But I’m still smiling.

I’m smiling because I already know what everybody else needs to convince themselves. I know I’m going to win this Battlebowl. I’ve seen it. I first saw when I was lying on the ground of a boxing ring looking up at the lights. I saw it when Andellion Moonwater kicked me in the face!

I can see the future, I want the NAPW crowd to know that. I want them to know that one day they will be cheering my name when I win their coveted Championship. I want them to know that I have come to save them, because I already have. And all I have to do is follow the path that The Lord has set in front of me.

Suddenly, like a snap of a twig, Joshua Rapture starts screaming at the camera.

Rapture: You want to know WHY I attacked Moonwater? Too bad! But Moonwater, my dear sweet Prince. You just looked into the eyes of the abyss, and THEY are all staring at YOU. These people have chosen you as their hero, they’ve chosen you as their KING, but guess what? THEY’RE WRONG! By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be an attraction on the side of the road, just another piece of roadkill for them to gawk at. And the next time you see me Moonwater it won’t be your body that I break, it will be your spirit and you can tell Bill Hewson that too!

A stiff breeze comes from the West but Joshua Rapture is literally steaming, his face flush red and teeth gritting. One of the men puts his hands on Joshua’s shoulder. This seems to break Joshua’s trance and he slowly composes himself. His raises a finger as if he’s remembered something important.

Rapture: Oh, is this the part where I go down a list of my opponents and insult each one? No, you see I plan to do something different. Right now I’d like to tell you about the First Nations of this great land. They used to hunt in this very field, but not for sport or to keep wildlife numbers down no. They hunted to survive, and they would use every piece of their kill. I’m on a different hunt, but we share a similar spirit. Before they killed these majestic animals, they would thank the Gods. A type of sacrifice that has been going on for ages. We kill and fight not for glory or riches, we fight for destiny, we kill or else we starve.

Joshua takes out an arrow and remove the bow from his back, he gives the bow to one of the men and shows the camera the arrow.

Rapture: This arrow is called a Falcon. Named for the thin, tapered fletchings that give it a higher speed and accuracy. In wrestling, a Falcon Arrow is a sitout suplex slam. But I’m sure all of you knew that, are capable of using Google and know possibly the difference between a Bow and Arrow submission hold and a Falcon Arrow. But I guess that’s neither here nor there.


Somebody shushes Joshua, he turns to look. One of the women is cocking her shotgun, pointing with her stance to her left. One of the man jumps excitedly, another man calms him down before he can make any noise. The third man give Joshua Rapture back his bow and Joshua quickly loads it. The cameraman whips to the right, at a line of trees you can see movement in them. The camera zooms in a bit and you can see more of a pack of Antlerless Elk. In a whisper, Joshua speaks.

Rapture: I do this in the name of The New Dawn.

He releases the arrow, and with a picture of an elk unknown of his own fate… We fade. We fade to brown, actually. Brown like the feather of a Falcon. The camera zooms out to the head and upper breast of a Falcon. In it’s mouth hangs a tendon, a stark deep red in contrast with the beautiful brown bird and the bright white miasma of snow. The voice of Joshua Rapture speaks over the image of the Falcon.

Joshua Rapture: There is no sound, no voice, no cry in all the world that can be heard… until someone listens. Goodnight.

No fade, just cut. The screen white, these word in small print at the bottom.

Message: All Hunting was done under the legal parameters enclosed within “WMU 212 Antlerless Elk Special Licence Draw”.

#2 Empire Ants

[We find ourselves in the middle of a bustling gym. There a men on weight racks, women on stair masters, and constant clanging of generic pop-rock on the speakers. In the center of all this is a man with his hand folded neatly together, he is wearing track pants and a black polo shirt shirt that says “New Horizons Fitness Center” and although there is no name-tag claiming so, you know that this is the Owner & Operator: Joshua Rapture. Next to him is a small table with and empty glass jug and several small glasses.]

Rapture: Hello again, my friends. My name is Joshua Rapture. I’m sure that name is making its round on the message boards right now, however I feel like none of you faithful watchers truly KNOW me. So I’ve taken time out of my schedule for you to see my Fitness Center.

[Camera zooms out to show the entirety of the gym, a small check-in desk along the front-left side spanning multiple rows of treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weight racks, benches and finally a boxing ring on the right side against the back wall a few photographs of Joshua Rapture’s boxing achievements. The camera zooms back to Mr. Rapture]

Rapture: It’s nice, isn’t it? It’s amazing how a man who can go from obscurity growing up in Texas can become greater than himself. I’ve spent my life in boxing rings making my way, my own way, obtaining championships and accolades that some men can only dream of. And it’s all mine.

[Two women walk into the frame, one in a black polo shirt similar to the one Joshua is wearing. She whispers something in Joshua’s ear, motioning to the other woman. Joshua smiles to the other women and offers his his hand to her, she shakes it hesitantly.]

Rapture: Welcome to New Horizons, restrooms are to the left and we have a great deal on our new Yoga class, all experience levels welcome!

[The women returns a small smile and her trainer motions her away. Joshua wipes his hand on his pants.]

Rapture: Now then, are you wondering why I have this table in the middle of my gym? Listen closely, I’m about to tell you.

[Joshua picks up the the empty glass jug and holds it up to the camera, he mimic pouring liquid into one the glasses and places the jug back on the table, holding the glass now.]

Rapture: This.. [he sniffs the glass]… is the most delicious brandy you have ever tasted. Or maybe it’s Orange Juice, or molasses. It’s infinite possibilities, it is imaginary sustenance. It is a secret chapter of a hidden book that nobody reads. You see this gym? [motions all around him] IT’S REAL. It’s a solid foundation, and years of hard work to keep it from becoming another COSTCO. It is a future that only I have the key to. The time for play is over, the time for fantasy is gone. And in my hands I hold the chalice that only the true monarch of Crystalwood can claim. In the chalice is the tears of woodland creatures when I tore down their forests and wiped my —

[Rapture notices a crowd forming in the gym, he hands his glass to a trainer nearby him and starts “pouring” from the jug into the rest of the glasses. He and the trainers of New Horizons gym start handing them out and quietly conversing with themselves. No eyes have left Joshua Rapture and no mouth have yet met the glass. Rapture take the last glass pouring the last of nothing into it. He takes a large whiff from the glass.]

Rapture: It’s sweet, no? A goosepimple on a forearm. Trust me. Know me. Listen. Learn. All I have is truth. All I know is competition. And my Faith will guide me, leading the march of The New Dawn. Empires fall, and Moons Wane. That which is left… is ants. CHEERS

[Joshua Rapture leads the drink, the Personal Trainers following him and members of the gym following them almost trance-like. Joy & Revelry erupts the camera moves up, up, UP. A Sun: Painted on the roof of New Horizons Fitness Center.FADE….]

#1 A New, More Glorious Dawn Awaits

[As the cameras start rolling we see the backdrop of a beautiful fireplace. A blonde-haired man sits in a nearby lounge chair wearing well-tailored dress pants and a dress-shirt rolled up to his forearm. His nose is slightly off-center and his knuckles are torn and red, scars of a former boxer. He is Joshua Rapture]

Rapture: Light. Light is the most important thing in the world to me. It is light that took the world from outside the mouth of caves and into the society that we now live in. It is light that travels through tubes, over oceans and into the screens of viewers. It it The Light of The New Dawn that will save us all.

[Joshua takes a cuff-link off from one his arms and shows it to the camera. It is a sparkling, dazzling thing in the shape of a Sun: The Symbol of The New Dawn]

Rapture: This world has become a dark place, full of bad men. Men who would lie and use violence to justify their own selfishness. But I am not one of these men. I have come to judge these men, to cast judgement on the sinners and freaks and hold them up to the mercy of The Lord.

[Rapture puts his cuff-link back on, his sleeves now an uneven length. He frowns.]

Rapture: I have been told that I shall face a man who would be king. A delusional freak who lives inside his own fantasy world. I will have the burden of weighing this man’s soul, and place judgement upon it. However, night will turn to day and the people shall revel when the evils of this world are gone.

It is The Light that is most important to me. The Light that burns the darkness. The Light that saves the world. The Light that guides the people out of sin. The Light of The New Dawn? The Light I hold in my heart? This is The Light of the Lord

[As the fire crackles on, Joshua Rapture’s features warped by the flames. We fade to black…]

Joshua Rapture

Joshua Rapture

NICKNAME: “The Leader of The New Dawn”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Death’s Got A Warrant” – Patty Griffin
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’4″, 215 lbs
HOMETOWN: Sweetwater, Texas
WRESTLING STYLE: Technical/Calculated Striker
SIGNATURE MOVES: Arm Trap Elbow Strikes, Fish Hook, Multiple Short-Arm Clotheslines, Snap Butterfly Suplex, Cartwheel Lariat (to opponent in corner)
FINISHER: Martyr’s Burden (Crucifix Gory Special – if opponent doesn’t Submit, Rapture will sit-out into a Gory Bomb) / The Holy Cull (Desperation finisher – Inverted Falcon Arrow/Inverted Suplex into a Facebuster)

BIO: Joshua Rapture used to be one of the foremost boxing protege’s in not just the whole country, but the whole world. A man known well for his tall, yet lean frame he has an enormous reach and a killer instinct when it comes to exhausting an opponent into submission. Yet, the psyche of Joshua Rapture has been queried since day one of his professional boxing debut, seemingly toying with his opponents instead of taking a quick and easy victory. His attitude and possibly his own sanity took a turn for the worse when, in the Finals for The National Boxing Grand Prix, he was knocked out cold in the first eight seconds of Round Two. Or was is an epiphany? After disappearing for three years, Joshua has reappearing in the pro-wrestling circuit, claiming to be the Head of a mysterious Cult known only as “The New Dawn”. What is “The New Dawn” is it the eerie fitness center Joshua Rapture now runs? Is it a religion formed by a madmen who now films his own infomercials? Or is it something much, much worse…

APPEARANCE: Tall, Lanky, Long Limbs. A blonde Wade Barrett look-alike with a not-so-broken nose. Attire wise very similar to Christopher Daniels; long black tights with a phoenix or seemingly random religious symbols, black wrist tape.