#1 A New, More Glorious Dawn Awaits

[As the cameras start rolling we see the backdrop of a beautiful fireplace. A blonde-haired man sits in a nearby lounge chair wearing well-tailored dress pants and a dress-shirt rolled up to his forearm. His nose is slightly off-center and his knuckles are torn and red, scars of a former boxer. He is Joshua Rapture]

Rapture: Light. Light is the most important thing in the world to me. It is light that took the world from outside the mouth of caves and into the society that we now live in. It is light that travels through tubes, over oceans and into the screens of viewers. It it The Light of The New Dawn that will save us all.

[Joshua takes a cuff-link off from one his arms and shows it to the camera. It is a sparkling, dazzling thing in the shape of a Sun: The Symbol of The New Dawn]

Rapture: This world has become a dark place, full of bad men. Men who would lie and use violence to justify their own selfishness. But I am not one of these men. I have come to judge these men, to cast judgement on the sinners and freaks and hold them up to the mercy of The Lord.

[Rapture puts his cuff-link back on, his sleeves now an uneven length. He frowns.]

Rapture: I have been told that I shall face a man who would be king. A delusional freak who lives inside his own fantasy world. I will have the burden of weighing this man’s soul, and place judgement upon it. However, night will turn to day and the people shall revel when the evils of this world are gone.

It is The Light that is most important to me. The Light that burns the darkness. The Light that saves the world. The Light that guides the people out of sin. The Light of The New Dawn? The Light I hold in my heart? This is The Light of the Lord

[As the fire crackles on, Joshua Rapture’s features warped by the flames. We fade to black…]



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