#2 Empire Ants

[We find ourselves in the middle of a bustling gym. There a men on weight racks, women on stair masters, and constant clanging of generic pop-rock on the speakers. In the center of all this is a man with his hand folded neatly together, he is wearing track pants and a black polo shirt shirt that says “New Horizons Fitness Center” and although there is no name-tag claiming so, you know that this is the Owner & Operator: Joshua Rapture. Next to him is a small table with and empty glass jug and several small glasses.]

Rapture: Hello again, my friends. My name is Joshua Rapture. I’m sure that name is making its round on the message boards right now, however I feel like none of you faithful watchers truly KNOW me. So I’ve taken time out of my schedule for you to see my Fitness Center.

[Camera zooms out to show the entirety of the gym, a small check-in desk along the front-left side spanning multiple rows of treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weight racks, benches and finally a boxing ring on the right side against the back wall a few photographs of Joshua Rapture’s boxing achievements. The camera zooms back to Mr. Rapture]

Rapture: It’s nice, isn’t it? It’s amazing how a man who can go from obscurity growing up in Texas can become greater than himself. I’ve spent my life in boxing rings making my way, my own way, obtaining championships and accolades that some men can only dream of. And it’s all mine.

[Two women walk into the frame, one in a black polo shirt similar to the one Joshua is wearing. She whispers something in Joshua’s ear, motioning to the other woman. Joshua smiles to the other women and offers his his hand to her, she shakes it hesitantly.]

Rapture: Welcome to New Horizons, restrooms are to the left and we have a great deal on our new Yoga class, all experience levels welcome!

[The women returns a small smile and her trainer motions her away. Joshua wipes his hand on his pants.]

Rapture: Now then, are you wondering why I have this table in the middle of my gym? Listen closely, I’m about to tell you.

[Joshua picks up the the empty glass jug and holds it up to the camera, he mimic pouring liquid into one the glasses and places the jug back on the table, holding the glass now.]

Rapture: This.. [he sniffs the glass]… is the most delicious brandy you have ever tasted. Or maybe it’s Orange Juice, or molasses. It’s infinite possibilities, it is imaginary sustenance. It is a secret chapter of a hidden book that nobody reads. You see this gym? [motions all around him] IT’S REAL. It’s a solid foundation, and years of hard work to keep it from becoming another COSTCO. It is a future that only I have the key to. The time for play is over, the time for fantasy is gone. And in my hands I hold the chalice that only the true monarch of Crystalwood can claim. In the chalice is the tears of woodland creatures when I tore down their forests and wiped my —

[Rapture notices a crowd forming in the gym, he hands his glass to a trainer nearby him and starts “pouring” from the jug into the rest of the glasses. He and the trainers of New Horizons gym start handing them out and quietly conversing with themselves. No eyes have left Joshua Rapture and no mouth have yet met the glass. Rapture take the last glass pouring the last of nothing into it. He takes a large whiff from the glass.]

Rapture: It’s sweet, no? A goosepimple on a forearm. Trust me. Know me. Listen. Learn. All I have is truth. All I know is competition. And my Faith will guide me, leading the march of The New Dawn. Empires fall, and Moons Wane. That which is left… is ants. CHEERS

[Joshua Rapture leads the drink, the Personal Trainers following him and members of the gym following them almost trance-like. Joy & Revelry erupts the camera moves up, up, UP. A Sun: Painted on the roof of New Horizons Fitness Center.FADE….]



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