#3 Advanced Falconry

An image of a Falcon appears on your television screen. It’s features sharp in contrast to the blanket of snow in the background covering what might be a farm field. The camera zooms out to reveal the Falcon perching on a barbed wire fence, it takes off. In slow motion the Falcon expands its wings, wider than the restrictions of your television screen. It’s claws expand as it dips into the white snow and rears up towards the sky again. His claws clenched now, holding a lump of brown with a tail, he soars away into the great unknown.

An abrupt cut later we are looking at Brown Calf-High Hunting Boots and Camouflaged Pants. There is a low murmur of voices in the background. A familiar voice speaks.

Man: Are we rolling?

The cameraman responds

Cameraman: Yep.

Man: Okay pan up, quiet in the back now.

The background silences, the cameraman pulls up and nothing is decipherable except a few shapes and colors. As the cameraman adjust the focus and zooms out a little the man speaks again.

Man: I want you all to know that I have lost before, and been lost too. I’ve been knocked out and broken more bones than I would care to mention. Yet I have found my place in this world along my brothers and sisters. I have found peace in the darkness and clawed myself towards The Light.

The picture sets. In the background there are five members of The New Dawn, but they are not clothed for a day at New Horizons Fitness Center, they are all dressed (3 men & 2 women) in the standard hunting winter camouflage garb fresh off the racks of their nearest Walmart. The two women are wearing bright neon orange vests, are equipped with shotguns and eyes are grazing the field they are in, searching for prey. The men look lost and cold and focus their attention on their leader Joshua Rapture.

Joshua Rapture stand front and center, smiling at the camera. Under his right eye is a green bruise, an unfortunate reminder of a stiff Lontra Kick. He has spent a small fortune on his own hunting gear, as shown by the alarming amount of pockets on his camouflage winter parka. On his back he carries a brown compound bow and a small quiver of arrows.

Rapture: There is the silence of the oceans and the unending silence of space. There is the welcome silence of serenity and the everlasting silence of death. A cry for help is lost in the shrill noise of the world, but the faintest of whispers can resonate across a universe.

The men nod in agreement.

Rapture: That, my friends, was a quote from The Outer Limits. But I agree with the sentiment. Because, you see, there is going to be quite a lot of talking going further. Quite a lot.

THEY. They will talk about their accomplishments. They will talk of championships. They will chat themselves blue trying to intimidate little old me. They will tell me I lost to an Otter and shove it in my face. But I’m still smiling.

I’m smiling because I already know what everybody else needs to convince themselves. I know I’m going to win this Battlebowl. I’ve seen it. I first saw when I was lying on the ground of a boxing ring looking up at the lights. I saw it when Andellion Moonwater kicked me in the face!

I can see the future, I want the NAPW crowd to know that. I want them to know that one day they will be cheering my name when I win their coveted Championship. I want them to know that I have come to save them, because I already have. And all I have to do is follow the path that The Lord has set in front of me.

Suddenly, like a snap of a twig, Joshua Rapture starts screaming at the camera.

Rapture: You want to know WHY I attacked Moonwater? Too bad! But Moonwater, my dear sweet Prince. You just looked into the eyes of the abyss, and THEY are all staring at YOU. These people have chosen you as their hero, they’ve chosen you as their KING, but guess what? THEY’RE WRONG! By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be an attraction on the side of the road, just another piece of roadkill for them to gawk at. And the next time you see me Moonwater it won’t be your body that I break, it will be your spirit and you can tell Bill Hewson that too!

A stiff breeze comes from the West but Joshua Rapture is literally steaming, his face flush red and teeth gritting. One of the men puts his hands on Joshua’s shoulder. This seems to break Joshua’s trance and he slowly composes himself. His raises a finger as if he’s remembered something important.

Rapture: Oh, is this the part where I go down a list of my opponents and insult each one? No, you see I plan to do something different. Right now I’d like to tell you about the First Nations of this great land. They used to hunt in this very field, but not for sport or to keep wildlife numbers down no. They hunted to survive, and they would use every piece of their kill. I’m on a different hunt, but we share a similar spirit. Before they killed these majestic animals, they would thank the Gods. A type of sacrifice that has been going on for ages. We kill and fight not for glory or riches, we fight for destiny, we kill or else we starve.

Joshua takes out an arrow and remove the bow from his back, he gives the bow to one of the men and shows the camera the arrow.

Rapture: This arrow is called a Falcon. Named for the thin, tapered fletchings that give it a higher speed and accuracy. In wrestling, a Falcon Arrow is a sitout suplex slam. But I’m sure all of you knew that, are capable of using Google and know possibly the difference between a Bow and Arrow submission hold and a Falcon Arrow. But I guess that’s neither here nor there.


Somebody shushes Joshua, he turns to look. One of the women is cocking her shotgun, pointing with her stance to her left. One of the man jumps excitedly, another man calms him down before he can make any noise. The third man give Joshua Rapture back his bow and Joshua quickly loads it. The cameraman whips to the right, at a line of trees you can see movement in them. The camera zooms in a bit and you can see more of a pack of Antlerless Elk. In a whisper, Joshua speaks.

Rapture: I do this in the name of The New Dawn.

He releases the arrow, and with a picture of an elk unknown of his own fate… We fade. We fade to brown, actually. Brown like the feather of a Falcon. The camera zooms out to the head and upper breast of a Falcon. In it’s mouth hangs a tendon, a stark deep red in contrast with the beautiful brown bird and the bright white miasma of snow. The voice of Joshua Rapture speaks over the image of the Falcon.

Joshua Rapture: There is no sound, no voice, no cry in all the world that can be heard… until someone listens. Goodnight.

No fade, just cut. The screen white, these word in small print at the bottom.

Message: All Hunting was done under the legal parameters enclosed within “WMU 212 Antlerless Elk Special Licence Draw”.

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