#4 Astronaut

A line of trees you can see movement in them. The camera zooms in a bit and you can see more of a pack of Antlerless Elk. In a whisper, Joshua speaks.

Rapture: I do this in the name of The New Dawn.

He releases the arrow…

It hisses through the air and strikes the elk broadside, the other elk run in a panic with the rest of The New Dawn hooting and hollering after them. Shots are fired, but seem far off. Joshua Rapture walks up to his fallen deer, both whistling, the deer’s lung collapsed. Joshua starts to sing the opening of Death’s Got a Warrant by Patty Griffin.

Rapture: You can’t hide. You can’t Hiiide. No, you can’t hide, because you don’t know hoooowww.

He takes out a hunting knife from one of his many pockets…. 

Cut to a close up of Joshua Rapture‘s face. His eyes closed, breathing heavily, almost humming. His eyes open and for a brief second we see a hideous creature with an offset nose and snarling canines, but is quickly hidden by that signature Used-Car Salesman smile.

Rapture:  Do you still believe in God? Said the preacher to the astronaut… I heard it was lonesome up there, with nothing to talk to but the cold, cold air. Hahaha…. Alright lets take a five-minute break.

Joshua starts chuckling to himself as the camera zooms out. We are in a small room in the back of The New Horizons Fitness center, it is lowly lit by a single Chinese Paper Lantern. Rapture is in the forefront barely covering himself with an open front elk-fur coat, nothing else. Behind him, followers of The New Dawn, wearing their New Horizons polo shirts & work-out shorts. They are all sitting cross-legged on the floor, forming a “V” with Rapture in the front. They all heave a sigh of release, Rapture stretches his arms out wide and his back muscles pop.

Rapture: Ah Yoga, to become one with Divinity. But I think I have been MIS-IN-TER-PRE-TED. I have never claimed to be Devine, I only happen to have knowledge no-one else possesses. I am being heard, but no-one seems to be listening to the right WORDSsss

These people who I have surrounded myself with are not mindless sheep, no. They have been listening to the right songs, they have seen The Light for themselves.

They CHOOSE to follow, just as I choose to follow my Lord. Yes, they call me Leader, but they also call me brother. Nobody else wants to step into my shoes, and feel my burden. The weight I carry, when I put another man’ soul on the scales and deem it worthy or not. I am the Martyr of this story, I know the pain is coming. I know it will come swift, but I am ready.

They say I have spiders in my head, but they haven’t seen the truth of the world. Am I that off kilter, really? I mean MasakrePetrov and Moonwater? The freaks are running rampant in NAPW and I’m the only one who seems to be able to hold down sturdy employment outside of Professional Wrestling.

I keep my Faith in my heart and follow it relentlessly, because this is not just another bumper sticker, this is a Movement. The New Dawn is an experience, it flows through us like electric impulses flow through our own bodies. I’m the only one with foresight, I know how this all plays out. It’s inevitable.

Rapture’s eyes roll to the back of his head

RaptureAnd we are living in dark days…

His eyes flutter, and he’s back to grinning.

Rapture: But I can help you all, if you let me…. Now close your eyes… Breathe in through your nose and exhale from the deepest part of your lungs. Make every breath count, count every breath and drift from out of your body. Let The Light guide. 

Rapture closes his eyes and starts meditating, the rest of The New Dawn follow suit.

Rapture: Float over your body, and move further up, up into the sky. Float onward and look South at the ever-fading Earth. You can almost see New York and New Alberta intertwine, the ants hustling and towards some ineffable nothing. The guidos and jersey girls dancing like marionettes in the twilight. Take yourself away from the humdrum and drift further towards Luna.

Luna, the beautiful maiden. The Grave nightmare queen. Oh to stare into the void and see a friendly face, and to look into her eyes, would make a fool of anyone. But she’s tough, and she’s feisty. The only one the people seem to care about, and here she is. Right in front of you. But I wouldn’t trust her eyes, because I’ve looked into her eyes and she’s all cold-hearted. She is the outcome of the hate and pain we’ve put into the world and her tongue MAY be daggers, yes, but her colors are black and dull. And her touch could save the world, but her kiss could burn it to the ground. She’s my Sister… fly further now.

Far now, Earth & Luna. A giant ball of gas, his name is Sol. And what is he but fire & hate? And what is he but another Mask we wear? Silent now, silent still. One day he will explode and destroy us all, but not this day. Today is Frapjous Day and he is The Jabberwocky. Snicker snack, snicker snack… fly further now.

And now you can see it: The Orion-Cygnus Arm, system upon systems flowing together like some sort of Chain. And what an interesting Chain, so full of promise, so adept and thriving. And what little barbs we have? What sharp teeth we have? So ready to struggle. Wait to you see my barbs and my teeth. And if the whole world is crashing down. Fall through space, out of mind again. Where the emptiness we leave behind on warm air rising. Lose all the shadows far away…

Joshua Rapture’s eyes flutter open again, very wide now. Looking disheveled, his grin stretches the corners of his mouth grotesquely.

RaptureThe surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean, the water seems inviting. From where we are, at least. And looking up at the horizon, maybe I’ve been too harsh on Moonwater. I’ve been too focused on the sinners and the freaks and the sickos, that the Princes get mixed up too. I should say not that I loathe you nor I will destroy everything that you stand for. Because it’s inevitable. Instead I should speak to the King that you will one day become. Think of your subjects Moonwater, they have free will but choose chaos at every chance. They stand on the brink of war, ready to plant the Crystalwood flag in the carcasses of their enemies. Is peace not a better way? It is not hate that I preach, but goodness and Light. I aim to unite these fans of NAPW, in JOY! Not fear. And who else to lead the masses but me? Though, the weak must first be culled.

Yes, the week must be culled, the sheep must be shorn. The hoard is only as good as its weakest link, Moonwater. But oh what a glorious day will it be when the one must fall for the good of many. Battlebowl, is not my chance for a belt or a ring or money, but for Glory. Glory to The Lord in the highest. The inevitable dusk is coming, the ice melts and flowers bloom underneath. Think of me then, a watcher of the world, a witness to the Rapture. Dark times await, but I can be the Light of HIS Holy Grace. Oh, what a day!

A new, more glorious Dawn awaits! Not a sunrise, but a Galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns, rising from the Milky Way. 

Merry Christmas.




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