#5 Silver Future

DECEMBER 29, 2013 12:59pm

A Fire Exit sign buzzes into focus, in the dark the Fire Exit door opens as a cloaked man rushes by and turns the corner into the parking lot of Edmonton Expo Center. As we turn the corner a large rush of sound can be heard as a huge crowd exits the Main doors, let by the winner of Battlebowl: Abbey Graves. The crowd still buzzing, starts to chant, “AB-BEY, AB-BEY, AB-BEY“. The young Miss Graves is all smiles, but has one hand holding her midsection quite tenderly. All the while, the cloaked man watches on. A SUV with her entourage pulls up to send Abbey on her way , a chorus of groans comes from the crowd. Abbey quells the crowd down by taking a shining object of her middle finger and hold it high over her head, stepping into the car..

Abbey Graves: WE FUCKING DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd goes “Banana” for this. A dark van pulls up to the cloaked figure, far from the eyes of the Battlebowl after party. The front passenger door opens as a man with dark hair wearing horn-rimmed glasses smiles at the cloaked figure. His polo shirt reads “New Horizon’s Fitness Center

Bespectacled Man: We have a proposition for you.

The cloaked figure says nothing. The man in the horn-rimmed glasses opens the dashboard and takes out a plain yellow manila envelope, it is quite thick.

Bespectacled Man: We will reward you quite handsomely for your co-operation.

The cloaked figure says nothing. The passenger side-door slides open. Inside is the bloody remains of Joshua Rapture. One woman wipes away at his bare chest and arm with an already quite bloody rag, dressing the wounds as she goes. Another woman (presumably the one who opened the door) goes to work at Joshua’s black tights with a pair of scissors, shredding them. Joshua’s teeth are gritted and he is visibly shaking, he barely forces half a smile.

Joshua: T-tell me everything. Ev-EV-everything you k-know about k-k-XRISTUS!

The cloaked figure starts to HISSssssssss………


JANUARY 02, 2014 11:45am

The dark-haired man with horned rim glasses is at a desk shaking hands with an older white-haired man with a clerical collar. Members of their respective faith.

Pastor: Thank you for showing me around this wonderful facility, its unfortunate that I didn’t get to see.. Mr. Rapture, is that correct?

Bespectacled Man: Yes! Quite an ironic name I suppose, unfortunately he is currently… indisposed.

Pastor: Ah, well as you may be well aware of this, “The New Dawn” seems a bit too… erratic to be included in the World Council of Churches.

Bespectacled Man: Think nothing of it!

The horned-rim glasses man extends his hand and the Pastor begrudgingly accepts it. The two men shake hands once again as the Pastor heads for the door.

Bespectacled Man: Oh! Before you go, I just remembered that we are quite good friend with one of your missionaries.

The Pastor turns.

Pastor: Oh? Who?

Bespectacled Man: Xristus.

The Pastor’s eyes widen, he frowns.

Pastor: I’m afraid I don’t know recognize that name.

The man with the horned rim glasses takes out a briefcase and unlatches it, facing the Pastor. A golden glow emerges from within the briefcase, washing the Pastor’s face with light. He doesn’t look impressed.

Bespectacled Man: But we believe that you do. And we can be very convincing when we want to be.

Pastor: You’re going to try to bribe me? A member of the cloth? I’m afraid that won’t work.

A figure emerges from a side door. Joshua Rapture is shirtless, his torso covered by a shoulder wrap. Though he is wearing finely tailored dress pants & shoes, he hold a cane in his non-injured arm. He slowly walks toward the desk, sturdying himself on the cane.

Joshua: I agree…. ACHHOOO!

The Pastor looks startled by the sneeze, among other things. Two women appear behind him, blocking the doorway.

Bespectacled Man: Have you ever tried Yoga? It will change your life. I promise.

The man in the horned-rim glasses smiles wide. Joshua Rapture is all frowns though, he slowly makes his way right up to the 
Pastor. Nose-to-nose.

Pastor: Wha- Why are you doing this??

Joshua: You didn’t say “God Bless You” when I sneezed….

Joshua smiles. Fade…

Abbey Graves & Ouja The Serpent King were used with permission.



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