Joshua Rapture

Joshua Rapture

NICKNAME: “The Leader of The New Dawn”
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Death’s Got A Warrant” – Patty Griffin
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’4″, 215 lbs
HOMETOWN: Sweetwater, Texas
WRESTLING STYLE: Technical/Calculated Striker
SIGNATURE MOVES: Arm Trap Elbow Strikes, Fish Hook, Multiple Short-Arm Clotheslines, Snap Butterfly Suplex, Cartwheel Lariat (to opponent in corner)
FINISHER: Martyr’s Burden (Crucifix Gory Special – if opponent doesn’t Submit, Rapture will sit-out into a Gory Bomb) / The Holy Cull (Desperation finisher – Inverted Falcon Arrow/Inverted Suplex into a Facebuster)

BIO: Joshua Rapture used to be one of the foremost boxing protege’s in not just the whole country, but the whole world. A man known well for his tall, yet lean frame he has an enormous reach and a killer instinct when it comes to exhausting an opponent into submission. Yet, the psyche of Joshua Rapture has been queried since day one of his professional boxing debut, seemingly toying with his opponents instead of taking a quick and easy victory. His attitude and possibly his own sanity took a turn for the worse when, in the Finals for The National Boxing Grand Prix, he was knocked out cold in the first eight seconds of Round Two. Or was is an epiphany? After disappearing for three years, Joshua has reappearing in the pro-wrestling circuit, claiming to be the Head of a mysterious Cult known only as “The New Dawn”. What is “The New Dawn” is it the eerie fitness center Joshua Rapture now runs? Is it a religion formed by a madmen who now films his own infomercials? Or is it something much, much worse…

APPEARANCE: Tall, Lanky, Long Limbs. A blonde Wade Barrett look-alike with a not-so-broken nose. Attire wise very similar to Christopher Daniels; long black tights with a phoenix or seemingly random religious symbols, black wrist tape.


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