#6 Waiting For My Child

Monday December 30, 2013 8:00 am

Two Pairs of feet, one in finely tailored dress pants and shiny black dress shoes. The other pair of feet are barefoot, the bottoms of blue hospital scrubs are seen. Slowly panning up, a cane is shown next to the barefooted man. The man in hospital pants is not wearing a shirt, his upper torso wrapped in gauze. The other man is wearing an exquisite suit, his eyes sparkle from underneath his horn-rimmed glasses. In the hands of the bespectacled man is a thin duotang. Joshua Rapture barely holds himself up, being mere hours since he left the Battlebowl cage. On Joshua’s arm hangs a hospital wristband.

Bespectacled Man: Due to the unfortunate consequences of Battlebowl, the doctors have advised Mr. Rapture not to speak for a few days. I will speak on his behalf and on behalf of The New Dawn for the time being.

The Man in the horn-rimmed glasses opens the duotang and clears his throat. Zooming out a bit, it is made clear that they are in the foyer of New Horizons Fitness Centre.

Bespectacled Man: Mr. Joshua Rapture, would first like to thank New Alberta Professional Wrestling for the opportunity given to him at Battlebowl. We at The New Dawn hereby waive any liability to “NAPW” for the injuries sustained to Mr. Rapture during this contest and shall not seek any claims for the damages, Medical or otherwise.

Joshua whispers something in the other man’s ear, the man nods in agreement.

Bespectacled Man: Secondly, we have been informed that Mr. Rapture has been signed for a one-on-one contest with the man with the codename: Xristus. Mr. Rapture gladly accepts this offer and states his intent to defeat Xristus and continue on his mission up the ranks of NAPW. We here at The New Dawn consider Mr. Rapture a top contender for the NAPW Championship.

On the subject of Battlebowl and its eventual winner Ms. Abigail Graves, we extend our warmest congratulations. It is no secret that Miss Graves has captured the hearts of the NAPW audience, it is her love for this sport that Mr. Rapture admires. In fact, Mr. Rapture find himself and Miss Graves similar in this area. We however, can not abide the extensive cursing and insults that she has hurled at Mr. Rapture and other members of the NAPW roster. We sincerely hope the NAPW take our suggestion to provide a “swear jar” to Miss Graves to heart.

In the past, Miss Graves has stated that Mr. Rapture is quote, “A second-rate boxer turned second-rate wrestler”. Mr. Rapture considers this very insulting. Mr. Rapture’s boxing exploits as a top-rate boxer have been renown worldwide, so Miss Graves’ statement simply falls flat. Secondly, Mr. Rapture expressed his attitude that his performance at Coronation and Battlebowl proceed to outline the makings of a very astute Sports Entertainer, despite both contests being losses. Mr. Rapture hopes that his performance against Miss Graves has swayed her opinions on him and would welcome another contest between the two.

Thank you for your time, now if you excuse us we have an important business meeting to prepare for.



Friday January 10, 2014 5:00pm

We are in a lowly lit room, filled with sparsely scattered candles. In the middle of the room is a large massage table. There is a figure on the table, but is too dark to make out much else. The figure clears his throat, his voice quite gravely. Here lies Joshua Rapture.

Rapture: December Twenty-Ninth. Two-Thousand and Thirteen. A host of fanatics fill Edmonton’s Exposition Center. Several employees of New Alberta Professional Wrestling wrench together a hellish design. Inside this design, six competitors fight. Inside this design, hope is not an option.

My name is Joshua Rapture, I am the Leader of The New Dawn. But you already knew that. You people, you seem to know so much about me. You know nothing. The so-called “fans” of NAPW, I am losing my patience with them.

How dare they boo me, Andellion. When they know so little about Honour. So little about respect.

Andellion Moonwater. Andy. Let me ask you a personal question about these people in the bleachers. Do they really deserve men like us? Do they deserve the presence of Kings?

You see Moonwater, I’m trying so hard. SO HARD. To be The Light. I’m trying so hard to bring the pigs out of the muck, but I cannot do it by myself Andellion. They choose fire Moonwater, they choose violence. And what am I but a snake to them?

Two women of The New Dawn come to the side of Joshua. One wraps around a towel at his waist and the other gives him his cane to walk with. He slowly limps into the light and his chest is bare, all up the one arm is pink scratches, deep red stitches on the one shoulder and some light pink scarring on his pectorals. On the injuries, LEECHES have been placed.

Rapture: I had a vision. I had a vision of NAPW, shining and golden. I had a vision of myself holding the NAPW championship high about my head. But YOU took that away from me, Moonwater. You took it away and made me into what I am. You MADE me do it, Moonwater, because you make me crazy. Because I love too much. Because I love you.

I want the best for you Andellion, I want the best for Crystalwood. NAPW, it’s no place for you. You cannot prove yourself here, you cannot have Honour here. These people loath Honour, take it from me. All I give is LOVE, and they spit in my face. What can I do? Whan can I do but sink to their level? These people have warped me and made me a monster. So be it Moonwater, if they want a monster, I’ll be their monster. Being Merciful has no benefit to me anymore.

You defeated me once, but it was a hollow victory. Then you were left in a pool of blood at Battlebowl. Is that how you prove yourself as King? Listen to me, listen to Uncle Joshua. Take your Pride and prove yourself somewhere else. Because you CAN fight, and you CAN defeat me…. But you cannot defeat the Rising Sun. And I will guide NAPW towards the Holy Light, even if I have to drag the people kicking and screaming.


Sunday January 19, 2014 10:30am

Inside a small chapel, Joshua Rapture slinks behind a podium underneath the arch. On the side of the podium leans his trusted cane. He is wearing a finely pressed suit without an undershirt, under his suit jacket fresh gauze has been wrapped on his one shoulder. When he speak, his voice has a light scratch to it.

Rapture: My children! My members of The New Dawn. The day is coming when I face the six-foot-eight two-hundred-and-eighty-five pound man with the Codename: Xristus. I stand before you two-hundred-and-fifteen pounds, not taller than six-foot-four. I am outmatched in power and outmatched possibly in speed. I stand like David outside the mouth of a cave, waiting for Goliath.

Yet, I do not throw stones like David. No, I throw strike with surgical precision. My body is torn following the insanity of Battlebowl, my mind spinning ever since. Because you see, Xristus has come to NAPW with a mission to rectify evils and injustices. He comes to us a strange wanderer with his hand out asking for a loaf of bread, but how can we trust this man to do what he says he is here for?

Children, my mission is simple. I have come here to cleanse the filth in pro-wrestling, to get rid of the liars and subnormals. I have come to bring morals back to an immoral world. I want justice and I want the glory of The Lord to spread across every corner of the world. Quite simply, I am Xristus!

I am Xristus when the World Council of Churches allows me into their organization. I am Xristus when I am running ahead at full steam, ready to strike an opponent. I am Xristus when I raise my enemies up and force them to submit to my will!

Should I be admonished that I had to convince an old Pastor to allow me entrance to the World Council of Churches? Should I be jeered for using my might and my knowledge to do everything in my power to defeat mutants like Andellion Moonwater? What makes Xristus and I so different?

Xristus,I have done everything just to get to know you better. I have strongarmed Priests, I have approached Snakes. I begged and pleaded with Terry Brandon, just to get videotapes of your previous matches. But there is so little on you, Xristus. Why is that? What really happened to your parents? What happened to the family that raised you? Why is it that everyone who gets close to you end up in the Obituaries??

I’ve been turned away by biblical scholars when I say the phrase “Missio Dio”, that I’ve begun to believe that these are just ravings of a poor orphan boy who grew up in California with no-one but his own mind to keep him company. It has dawned on me who and what you really are, Xristus. You’re a lost soul, and you’re looking for a home. You are still a little boy who was thrown away to the mean streets of a broken world. What you are, is a big fish in a too small pond.

Let me help you Xristus, let me show you the way to defeat the evils of men. Come, Xristus, join me in The New Dawn. Together we can spread the good word. Together, you’ll have a home. Of course the rebuilding process must come first. Yes Xristus first I must break you down. First I must make you submit. I have to Xristus, you have grown to attached to your own ravings, you rely too heavily on the admiration of the crowd. But I shall tear down your soul, and rebuild ut anew. I shall hold you up as a shining example of a perfect soldier in the name of The New Dawn.

Fear not Xristus, for the pain is only temporary.

Come with us Xristus. Find your place in this world. Come HOME.

A woman comes on stage and hands Joshua a guitar. He smiles, and sings.

Rapture: I was talking to a lady a few days ago
And these are the words she said…

The New Dawn joins in….


Fade to black…



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