#7 Of Monsters & Men, pt. 1

The automatic doors of New Horizons Fitness Center slide open; the camera is focused on the back of a cloaked figure. He approaches the Front Foyer Check-In counter. Looking up from a computer, a girl in a New Horizons polo-shirt is shocked to see the man in front of her. The man hisses, no words need to be said and she quickly points to an office in the back. The Serpent King leads the way, camera following behind.

Inside the office, Joshua Rapture has his feet propped up on a small cluttered desk. He is wearing the Brad Maddox special of a long sleeve dress shirt, pleats, a tie and a one-size-too-small suit vest. He points his index finger up, indicating Ouja to wait as he chats on his cell in the other hand.

Joshua: Yessir Mr. Winchell! Thank you again!

Joshua hangs up the phone and turns to Ouja, scattering more papers around his desk. Joshua gets up and starts making his way to Ouja, hand extended. 

Joshua: Wee-GEE!! My fellow master of the squared circle! Come in! Would you like anything? Water? Coffee? Lamb’s blood in a Ram’s horn? Ha-ha! I kid! Take a seat.

Ouja does not shake this man’s hand.

Joshua: You know, in Texas, they have a saying: Don’t offer your hand to a rattlesnake, unless you’re willing to get bit.

Joshua walks away from Ouja and closes the office doors, shutting the blinds as well.

Joshua: I assure you Ouja, when I came looking for you on the night of Battlebowl, I was ready for you to refuse. Yes, I was delirious from Miss Graves’ assault [Ouja hisses at the name]. And desperate for knowledge that would defeat Xristus. [Again, Ouja hisses] But I know that you are the smartest in The Order of Orochi. I know exactly what The Order IS. … And most importantly… I know that without that envelope I gave to you that night, that you would have a useless talisman in that cloak of yours…

Ouja slithers his hand into his cloak, grasping something and whispers under his breath. Joshua stares a hole right through him, leaning on the edge of his desk.

Joshua: There’s no need for hypnotism here, Ouja. I’m already proving myself to be an affable ally aren’t I? I broke and bloodied Moonwater. And there’s only one man in this room with a victory over Xristus.

Ouja: Xristusssss…-[Rapture cuts off Ouja]

RaptureXRISTUS is a threat. Plain and simple. He’s a giant of a man with a chip on his shoulder. He THINKS he’s doing the right thing, but the people of NAPW have warped him into their own little puppet. Oh, but the potential in that boy! The potential to be a soldier in my –Ahem- OUR war on the twisted minds of New Alberta’s fanbase.

Ouja: He issss not alone. As I told you, Missio Dei supportssss its ssssoldiers. They’ve been a thorn in the Order’s sssside since the 1940’ssss…

Joshua: But just imagine what we could do with inside information into the group? If I – WE – could bring him onside, he could lead the charge to dismantling them.

Ouja thinks for a long moment, slowly walking to one of the windows and pulling down a blind to peek through.

Ouja: And the Otter Prince(sssss)?

Joshua: Andellion, quite simply, is a boy who should be practicing his curtsy and not anywhere near a wrestling ring. But he is brave and too stupid to stay away. But there are cracks in their armour after our last encounter at TLC. Cracks that we must exploit if we are to move forward, yes?

You and I, Ouja, stand ready to reveal the true faces of the so-called heroes. We stand ready to strip the masks off of monsters and burn their kingdoms to the ground. And in the ashes of our enemies, in the ash, we will stand above all. We will stand like beacons of hope, ready to bring in the wayward souls and give them faith in a New World Order! We will rob the kings and give to the people!

These people think there’s power in chanting a name, or changing a channel, but we will show them REAL power Ouja! With your Heart and my Light, we will blind the heretics and embrace the feeble. There is so much to discuss, Ouja, but not here. Here we are still men, but I know a place where we can research that stone of yours a little more in depth. Just one second.

Joshua taps a button on the underside of his desk and a bookshelf on the wall slides open revealing a staircase going down into darkness.

Joshua: Now, Mr. Ouja. Would you like to see MY library?

Ouja looks at the staircase, then to Joshua, then cackles with evil glee.


*This was co-written with my fellow RPer Ouja: The Sepent King, from NAPW*


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