#9 Faithful Son

We open to a crackling fire and zoom out slowly to a large audacious lounge chair. In the chair lazes Joshua Rapture, his knees up to his chest, he is clutching a steaming mug of Hot Cocoa sipping it slowly. He inhales the aroma and sighs. He stares at the camera with spite.

Joshua: What was it I said all those moons ago? That light was the most important thing in the world, The Light of The New Dawn that is. And it still is, oh yes. But I watch that first video and am shocked at how much I am changed. NAPW has changed me. Because I came here with a mission to spread the Light, and I did. I spread it like a virus out into the corners of the universe, but you rejected it. You rejected ME.

Joshua sips his Cocoa

Joshua: And what was it that I did that made you reject me? Was it when I went to Battlebowl and came out more scarred than anybody else? Do you reject me because of Andellion Moonwater? Well let me tell you something about Andellion Moonwater. I hate him. I hate how OBSESSED I’ve become with him. At first I thought it was because a GOPHER doesn’t belong in a wrestling ring. But now… Now I can’t open my eyes without seeing him, I can’t eating without hearing his weasily whine. I hate the fact that all I do is talk about Andellion Moonwater and he doesn’t have the decency to respond. Canada Cup or no, we will meet once more and this WILL end Moonwater.

Joshua sips his Cocoa

Joshua: Did you reject me because I warped Xristus? That’s right, I WARPED YOU XRISTUS! I paid off The Order, the good that does me now that Ouja isn’t returning my phone calls. I paid them for knowledge, for glory and for CHANGE. They changed you Xristus, when they hauled you off. Maybe you realize it, maybe you don’t. But I think you do, oh yes. I think you can feel that anger and hatred boiling in your bones and you don’t know where it’s come from. I came from me! I’m IN you now, Xristus. I mean, spouting religious nonsense? Using the innocent to further your own agenda? [Rapture hisses] THAT’S MY GIMMICK.

And YOU J.C. Chapman, you’re one of the worst THINGS I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, you come to the ring claiming you’re a “Jesus Freak” but you look like a Devil’s Reject. How dare you even claim your faith, how DARE you. Because tattooing yourself up and drinking watered down concert beers is NOT how to celebrate one’s faith. At least not where I come from. In fact, growing up in the heart of Texas could have done a lot of good for you and you’re Uncle because the first time you came home with an ear piercing your daddy would’ve whipped you sideways! I guess I’ll just have to whip you for him and ruin your “glorious debut” that you don’t seem to care about.

Joshua sips his Cocoa

Joshua: Team Not of This World? Oh look another team that’s stealing my schtick! How many God’s are there? Just one my children, and HE is angry. Does anybody wonder what happened to The Hands and what their “mission” was? I do. And whatever happened to Nathan Vibe? He was supposed to enter Battlebowl but somebody made sure that didn’t happen. [Joshua hisses again] I WONDER WHO.

Terry Brandon threatened to fire me. But he won’t. Want to know why? Ok. I’ll tell you. Because i-Pay-Per-View buys are up when NAPW brings me in. Because ticket sales are up when I take a railroad spike and try to drive it through the other side of somebody’s head. Because of bloodlust and insanity. Because I’ll take the bumps everybody else is scared to take. Because I’ll bring the barbed wire if you bring the cash.

Because I’m crazy.

Because I’m what’s best for business.

Because it was preordained for me to win the NAPW World Title, and all I have to do now is wait.


Joshua’s eyes finally leave the camera, looking down he has spilt some Cocoa on his shirt.

Joshua: Now look what you made me do? I spilt my Cocoa.

Joshua starts unbuttoning his shirt, looking at the camera with ferocity. The Camera zooms to his face.

Joshua:….What is it that the Goat-Masked Man says again? Oh yes.


Joshua smiles.

Fade to black.


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