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#11 Take Me To Church

From Eden” by Hozier
“Babe, there’s something tragic about you
something so magic about you
don’t you agree

Babe, there’s something lonesome about you
something so wholesome about you
Get closer to me

Honey you’re familiar like my mirror years ago
Idealism in prison, chivalry fell on it’s sword
Innocence died screaming, honey ask me I should know
I slithered here from Eden just to sit outside your door”

Two grey eyes peer through the darkness. The growling starts. The eyes get smaller as we zoom out, from the darkness extend a length of steel chain. The chain starts to rumble and the snarls echo through the darkness. Like a bolt, the animal runs out of his enclosure. The camera slams backwards as the cameraman lands with a THUD, showcasing his sneakers in the shot and the chain finally tenses. A barking, snarling, drooling vicious beast is attached to the end of the chain. His name is Wolfie. Part grey wolf, part husky he booms threats directly at the camera. Wolfie snaps at the cameraman’s shoe as the camera backpedals a bit more away from the dog house and white-picket fence.

From a patio on the side of the shot, walks Joshua Rapture walks out. Dressed down in a pair of blue jeans and a New Horizons polo shirt. Despite the deafening barks of the seemingly rabid dog, he is calm. He is serene.

Joshua: Silencio

The dog obeys its master and becomes silent. Joshua take a knee and holds out his hand with a treat in it. The dog sniffs but does nothing until Joshua speaks.

Joshua: Comer.

The dog eats and Joshua pets his fur.

Joshua: I bought this guy from a shelter in El Paso, he doesn’t take kindly to strangers, he rips up the garden, barks at every bird he sees and only answers to Spanish. But without me he would be dead. Without him, my life wouldn’t be complete. You should take solace in how I treat my pets, Andellion.

Some might say “What kind of creature do we have here?” As to say what exactly are your intentions when you claim you will “Kill” me? Because I believe you don’t have THAT in you. You don’t have that killer instinct like me and Wolfie do. I know you too well, I see your pride and your chivalry and I RAISE you one Killer Instinct.

For months I’ve been finding out what drives your machine little Moonwater, and it’s not vengeance as you think it is. No, your machine is driven by foolishness. You foolishly think you will be the one to upset the big, bad wolf at House of Cards, but you won’t.

You will not and can not defeat me Andellion. You’ve been in your sick bed for too long, with no-one to rub your aching head. How are those scars anyways? I mean, I’ve got a couple, mostly from myself, but you’ve been scalped! Stripped of the very fur you hibernate in! Or do man-otter things not hibernate? No matter, after House of Cards I get the feeling you’ll be going for a very long nap.

I think I know you best when I sleep, Andellion. Did I mention that I dream about you? In fact, you’re the ONLY thing I dream about. I feel like that’s when I “get” what you’re all about the most. Because you are all about dignity right? And what is dignity? Do you have the “dignity” to go through with this match? Will you have a “dignified” explanation for the blood you’ve shed, for the pain you inflict? You seem to be shocked and aghast every single time you bring up your Grandfather Ody or whatever his name is, but yet you seem to be attracted to the same violence and bloodshed that he inflicted all those years ago. Funny isn’t it? How history LOVES to repeat itself.

A Falcon flies overhead, both Joshua and Wolfie look up. After an uncomfortable silence, Wolfie barks and turns to the camera, looking a bit disheveled.

Joshua: History loves to repeat itself, and how it has because for the last few months it has been. Rapture versus Moonwater, Moonwater versus Rapture in Battlebowl, Moonwater and Xristus versu Ouja and Rapture, on and on and ON. Night filled with anarchy, I awoke. The mornings came, stiff with rain. I thought the sun would never shine again. But now I can see it peeking through the clouds, I see myself FREE from the burden that is Andellion Moonwater. I see nights filled with silent sleep, and roosters crowing in the morn. Such is the life I will enjoy in a post-Moonwater era.

But first we meet, Andellion. First, you and I must fight and I believe we will both leave changed by the events that will occur. We will be chained at the neck, like dogs! And I just have one request, Moonwater.


Beat the holy hell out of me Moonwater, give me all that you got. Because when the bell rings, when it’s finally over, I want it to mean something. I want to know that you gave me everything you got, EVERY SINGLE THING! And then, I want you to know… it wasn’t good enough. And don’t worry, I’m not going to KILL you… not when my dog could use you as a new squeaky toy.

The dog starts growling again.

Joshua: This, Andellion Moonwater.

This is my design.

Wolfie, el Lobo debe permanecer en estado latente.

The dog stops growling and start panting, tongue lolling, Joshua Rapture smiles and in the background. In the background, the sun sets.



#10 From Eden

“A delusional freak who lives inside his own fantasy world.”

“These people have chosen you as their hero, they’ve chosen you as their KING, but guess what? THEY’RE WRONG!

“Moonwater? The freaks are running rampant in NAPW.”

“He is too brave and too stupid to stay away.”

“There is someone out there worse than Joshua Rapture. There is a blight in NAPW that only I can remove.”

There is a hustle and bustle about the gym floor of New Horizons Fitness Center. Men and woman slamming weights and running in motion on treadmills and ellipticals, but there is no noise. There is only silence. Muted, the camera pans through the floor and slowly a whine rises. Like feedback from an amplifier, the whine grows and we come closer to our main attraction. Like razor blades on a cello, the noise grows and focuses on Joshua Rapture. In the centre of a boxing ring, thumb and index finger connected in a perfect circle, he sits cross-legged. He opens his eyes, the noise stops.

Joshua: Everybody hates me and I know it. I know. Do you know what that does to a person? To have an entire stadium of people not booing, but loathing? Of course you don’t.

What can I say? Do I have everybodies attention now?

I hate this feeling I have, this black boiling heat coming from my heart. I have been to confession and I’ve said my Hail Mary’s for the things I’ve done, but this hate doesn’t go away.

I can’t deal with hatred I have for Andellion Moonwater, I never have been and I can’t control it any longer.

Sometimes I think how things could’ve differed if I had faced someone else in my debut. I was supposed to win Battlebowl, I was supposed to win Canada Cup… I once claimed to see the future, but now my mind is so hazy. I’m clouded by the fog that is Andellion Moonwater.

I don’t want to care anymore Moonwater, that’s how much I hate you. I don’t want to care about The New Dawn, I don’t want to care about New Horizons. I just want to get my hands on you. We’re getting so close to House of Cards now. I count the hours.

And you may think that this feud between myself and Moonwater is just about The New Dawn versus the Honor and Royalty of Crystalwood, but it’s not. It’s about something more deeprooted than that, it’s about looking up to somebody and seeing everything you believed in shattered and broken in front of your own eyes. It’s about fallen heroes.

I’ve been praying again and again and again because I knew one day I would be face to face, chained at the throat with my nemesis. And when you look into my eyes I will see not only you but the people you represent. The people who sit eating their popcorn and drinking their sodas who think they’re better than me. Know what I do to you, I also do to them. I do it for their own good. I do it because I love them. But sometimes love hurts, oh yes.

I am born of your poisoned society so I will become a monster to fight the monsters of this world. Your time in NAPW will be done. And know the men like me will come out of the woodwork. Know that a minority of people are starting to bask in the glow of The New Dawn. The cogs are starting to become disenchanting with the machine, just… like… ME.

There are people just like me in the world, some of you may hate what I believe in but there are those out there that submit to the glory of The New Dawn, and they are better than each and every member of NAPW. Most of you are too weak to bear the weight of it. I will take the responsibility of taking the brunt of your misplaced anger Andellion.

That is all I have to say right now.

Joshua closes his eyes. Fade…