#15 At Last My Dear

First, focus on the smile. Teeth straight and perfect, gleaming into a picture perfect smile. A practiced smile. See now, how the canines are sharper and the cheeks stretched, how this smile is forced. It is the smile that The Devil would wear. This is no daemon though, no. This is just a man.

See now how his nose veers to one side, where knuckles had one connected with cartilage. A nose that sniff the air of every room and only smells the waft of rotten garbage from a sewer. It is not only a painful reminder that one can not only fail, but be defeated and broken. The nose looks down at the world and knows that it is not so different from the everyday people. It is a constant reminder of mortality.

Eyes sparkle with reverence, with pestilence, pain and also… prostration. A man trapped between two worlds; the gleaming glittering world of stars that shine right behind the iris and the angry broken world that it sees all around. Because the eyes that stand on high see all of the world, and the world is cold.

This is Joshua Rapture.

Rapture: In the cold backroom of a location I wouldn’t dare mention I was given a choice. The choice, seemingly easy for my comrades, but for me plain torture. For all we are in this world is the choices that we continue to make. The choices that YOU make, Abbey Graves.

And for “The Nightmare Queen” Abbey Graves the choices have been quite simple. From Battlebowl, to Petrov, King and Deschain she has had two choices: Fight or Flight. And at every turn, she chooses Fight. That’s what makes her Champion, and makes the people love her. From shining lasers in monster’s eyes to taking on two of the toughest men in NAPW in one night. Abbey Graves chooses Fight. Every. Damn. Time.

What else would make a women like Abigail Graves, with her neon tops and punk rock hoodies become the World Champion, but sheer TENACITY?  A tenacity to fight and win at every turn, because losing is not an option for her. Losing is not an option for the woman who took a ring announcing job and turned it into a successful job. Certainly, losing is not an option for the little girl that behinds her steely gaze. The one who promised that… no-one would ever hurt her again.

I’ve seen the horrors of this world Miss Graves. My followers told me all about the evil that men do. Wives with bruises instead of flowers, invalids being locked away in asylums to rot and men drowning sorrows in alcohol and drugs. I once read a story about a little girl who was locked away and fed like a dog and I wept. And you may think me as being just as horrible as these people, but I am better. I am good, I know this to be true and I tried to do good in this world. I still can.

The New Dawn has given me an opportunity to redeem myself after all the blood shed that I have caused and come back to The Light, even if I think the Light of God has left me forever. Who am I to squander such an opportunity? Who am I turn my back on all the good that could come from The New Dawn? And yet…

Yet there is this darkness inside of me, this lust that clutches my heart and aims my ambitions at the gold that sags on your waist. There is a dream of mine wherein I have my arm raised and I am standing over your unconscious body, the crowd revelrous and applauding ME. It would be a thing of nightmares to see this dream warped, by The New Dawn OR you Abbey Graves.

For I couldn’t bare the sight of an encounter where I wasn’t giving it my all. I couldn’t stand the sight if YOU won by MY own hands. So I’ll be damned, GOD DAMNED if I go down without a fight.

I sincerely hope that you are ready Abbey, because Christ didn’t die on a wooden cross but at the edge of a blade. You hold the Spear of Destiny, Abbey, I’m begging you to be ready to use it. One us will fall, one of us will stand triumphant, but we will both be changed by this. I hope you choose to Fight, Abbey, with all your heart.

Because before Abbey Graves, before Dark and Light, there was Chaos.

And his name was Joshua Rapture.



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