The Adventures of Almond Crumbopolis

In the shining phosphorescent light of Crystal City, our residual hero Almond Crumbopolis spends his days in the office of Mega DynaCorp. Hacking his ways through the valley of the Underground Online, fixing code glitches with his FlexSolve DynaCorp Power Glove TM.

The residents of Crystal Diamond SouthNorth District know that whatever festering evils that have tumorized the bright routes of their neighborhood, have followed onto the Instant Transmission Datawaves. Almond Crumbopolis also knows this… That’s why after every extended occupational session, he arrives to his twinshare rental residence and doesn’t sleep. No.

Almond Crumbopolis ingests a rare compound and watches as the world grows around him. He’s a fighter against the microversal injustices. Battlizes harmful carbons and atoms, one at a time. Under his sweat-stained latex battle harness, he’s cured the cancers of over 2 and a half people.

Unfortunately, watchful Eye-nodes watch him. Rouge-hued Psycho-Cams, equipped with human-heat track and fear-inducted Sodomy Arms. Their Compt-Troller, none other than Latka Trambambalam; CFO and Founding Brain designer of CommuNest, a TerrorFyzer of unlimited Resource Coins.

The Full Moon, refracted into Crystal City, boots MalwareWolves. Sent by Trambambalam to Randumbize the original ForceGode into mega-mini bits. But Almond Crumbopolis is ready with his Silver Punch extension on PowerLock. The MalwareWolves are no match for our NouveauNomad. They retreat to their XD-den. Trambambalam evil data plan is Ctrl-Alt-Defeated…for now.

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