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Uncle Jimmy’s Country Fables

I sold my cow for a bag of beans

To an angry giant, as tall as trees.

He swallowed Bessy whole, sayin she’s so sweet

And used her bones to clean his teeth.

So I sold them for a magic sheep

Whose wool I’d sell as Golden Fleece.

I held him down as he did bleet

But that old Shepherd was full of sheet.

Then I found a missy who couldn’t see

And I said, oh darling will you marry me?

But that blind old witch put a spell on me

Divorced before I could squeeze a teet.

So I’m making eggs from a golden geese

And gander at the things I’ve seen

Cause for an old Jimmy, with a bag o’ beans

I’ve done pretty good, and It’ll be what it be

Yeah, I’ve done pretty good, and it’ll be what it be.