Monthly Archives: April 2020

My Summer Vacation

I went to horse camp over Summer break,

All the horses had frilly froo froo names like Henry, Xavier and Isosceles.

I slouched in my dad’s oversized Nirvana shirt,

As all the girls wore their designer equestrian wear.

Riding crops in hand and noses turned up

They all slinked up to beautiful manes and full bodied mares

And left me with Frank.

No Francis, just Frank.

He was a dirty pale brown horse compared to the others.

Instead of a beautiful solid white diamond-star on his forehead,

Frank has a vitiligo white face, like a polished skull.

I loved Skull, as I called him, immediately.

As all the other bitches slowly went round the corral

Giddy with suppressed excitement.

Skull and I rear up to the sky

And bolted for a small clearing in the surrounding forest.

At first I was scarred but the feeling in my gut rose a new excitement on the horizon.

From the dust of his hooves rose a storm of grey earth

The forest whizzed by and withered into nothingness

And we found ourselves in a clearing heading toward the peak of a nearby hill

He halted as we reached the peak,

I felt like I was about to flip over but held on for my life.

He rested at the top of the hill,

Also I had a sword.

On the other side of the hill there were three other girls with swords.

First was Becky and she rode a white horse.

She had earrings that were upside-down crosses, and she said she was a witch.

She wore a black lace and she grew her own dreadlocks.

The white horse was named Gwar, for some band she kept talking about,

And through his nostrils shot flames.

Second we had Kelly, and she was kinda a bitch.

But like super funny, had a switch-blade, and would fight anyone to protect you.

She rode a red-brown mare, cleverly named Night-Mare

And Kelly smoked cigarettes. They were both, equally, badass.

Third was Jamie, and her pitch black steed,

She had a shaved head, was stick thin and hugged her horse closely.

The black horse, named Wish, stood on a patch of dead grass

And as the horse fed, the dead patch would grow.

Jamie liked Red Hot Chili Peppers, so she was cool.

Together we rode through the clearing and talked about all the boys we had kissed.

The landscape behind us was left scorched, burnt and singed

We laid waste to the land, and revealed our secret desires and dreams.

If we started a band, it’d be coolest one ever seen.

As long as I had my best friends, and me ‘n Skull were together.

I just knew.

It would be the best Summer ever.