Stars are immortal
Just like my heart
The beatings come in wavelengths
I never knew to start

My soul is encaptured
Eyes are burning coals
My rotting corpse, my bloating husk
I waited for your call

I heard the ring, the echoes sting
You failed to break my heart
I split in two, then I called you
I tried to stop the tears

I called your phone, you were not home
The cops said, “Flow your tears.”

I ran away, came back today
Still burning like a star

But stars implode, two hands did hold
It’s either him or me

I saw your eyes, at least I tried
This fucked up Galaxy.


Redemption Song

The hands that hold the world
They are breaking
And no-one can see the progress
We are making
Towards a final Renaissance
There’s no mistaking
And the silence that will fall
Brings forth shaking
And all the possession that were ours
For the taking
Inside Messiah’s heart
There is aching

For the world that we planted
It was shattered
As we bought and climbed a
Corporate ladder
Do we even feel regret
Doesn’t matter
Redemption bells won’t ring
Clang or clatter
Are we so small in the universe
We’re only batter
A simple mix of cells and jell
Our world’s in tatters

And if I knew the answer now
I’d be elated
Bought and sold and bought
My soul is fated
To a righteous flame of hell
By a simple demon god

For the hand that held the world
They were breaking
And no-one saw the progress
We were making


I dreamt of him again
The one who took my soul
I know it’s not real
But reassurance is nice to know

He clunks in his cogs
And he steams with his wheels
He’s a leviathan man
His words scrape at my ears

A harbinger of dreams
That sour and rot
I hope he’s not real
I hope that I’m wrong

I saw him today
In reflections and fields
The leviathan man
Whose words scrape at my ears

Because if it’s true
If he’s bone and he’s flesh
Then he’s my undoing
He’ll bring my death

I saw him again
He’s in my eyes now
His hands hold the sword
My faith is my shield

Star Burns

Where are the stars?

Where did they go?

Were they taken away?

Or did they all just go home?


What happened to warmth,

Nature and Growth?

Did Sol just burn out,

Because he isn’t there now.


Lights of the night,

Alien ships.

Gone in a sequence of

Buzzes and blips.


Left us for dead.

Well they just disappeared.

Shortness of breath.

From the smoke and the gears.


The darkness just spread.

It just wouldn’t stop.

It blackened the sky.

Then it started to clot.


Where are the stars?

Where did they go?

Did they just go home?

Or were they taken away?

The Woman in The Cavern of The Witch

Dark was the night when she heard me praying

Alone in the world and my heart was aching

My head did buzz, my soul for taking

And the woman in the cavern of the witch was waiting


The sky was full of thunder and lightning

It wasn’t loud but it sure was frightening

There’s a beat in my chest and it keeps on heightening

And I looked at her and she looked quite mighty


I looked away, afraid of crying

That hollow canyon heard my hollow praying

Judgement was coming before the daybreak

My fragile psyche was surely fraying

And the woman in the cavern of the witch was waiting


She brushed my ear and she whispered closely

Her tongue was needles and her words acidic

Her voice like worms and my brain like gravy

I wanted to leave but I heard her saying

That the woman in the cavern of the witch was waiting

The woman in the cavern of the witch was waiting

The Lighthouse

The light that leads to heaven

Also leads to rocks

Whilst minstrels of misfortune

Approach for solemn talks

Then came the light

It revealed the masses

Differed real from abyss

And whatever surpasses

Dangerous coastlines

From here to beyond

Enraptured in light

Towers of dawn

The House of Light is heavenly

Dark of night is Hate

The path to there is showing

The structure is the gate

Just tell me how to get there

Tell me the whereabouts

From a symphony of chaos

To that beautiful Lighthouse

The Well

It was darker than your thoughts

It was deeper than the truth

It was needed in their eyes

It was drilled into the earth


The well was full of promise

It was empty of decay

Pristine in ceramic form

Wooden in its way


The well, it led to nowhere

Where water does gestate

The well, it leads to broken forms

Leads to Judgement Day


Wells, Wells, Wells

Echoes of dismay

Down, Down, Down

To my resting place

Down, Down, Down

Will you come and play?


I cut my thumb with a Coke can
Healed with a dash of salt, dash of sand
I didn’t cry, weep or squeal
Didn’t rape or kill or steal
Talking to God, I’d make a plan
To make that pain not come again

In the winter, ice grows cold
It’d melt if it knew the things I know
Boil or break, maybe mold
Then the pain starts to grow
Scars of my forgotten childhood
Talking to God, I’d make a plan. I would.

Then the summer passes by
Driving off, Mother cries
In your thumb, a slow twinkle
In a bar, you start to mingle
Cold and tired, maybe damp
Caress the flesh of a vamp

Then the summer passes by
Driving off, your wife cries
I didn’t cry, weep or squeal
Hope that Jesus takes the wheel

Scars of my forgotten childhood
Talking to God, I’d make a plan
I would.

An Empire

The emperor of nothing
Holds power over all
You’ll see his rise
And you’ll be his fall

The emperor of nothing
Wields arms as he may
Leads fortune to gallows
And good men astray

The emperor of nothing
Lays his side with the rats
Leaves babies in coffins
Leaves brewers in vats

The empire of nowhere
Spans to and fro
Resides in the trails
Where no man must go

The empire of nowhere
A wasteland, a sewer
The empire of nowhere
A ruby, a jewel

The empire of nowhere
This empire debate
So be its pride
So, seals its fate.

Invincible Sickness

I have a cough
I fear the worst
I fear a coffin
I fear a hearse

When will it stop?
When will it end?
Then the coughing
Starts again

Bucket full
Of Kleenex and phlegm
Then the coughing
Starts again

Coughing, Wheezing
Spitting spit
Throat’s hoarse
It’s all shit

Many days I think of death
And how it’s not
In my grasp
Not yet

I have a cough
I fear the worse
I fear a coffin
Fear a hearse

In my death
Walls will spin
Then the coughing
Starts again